Heavy Hitters


Heavy Hitters

Are you ready to replace the speakers in your gym? Cuz, this mix has all the right back beats that will make the speakers quake and shake. We searched high and low, and found you some heavy beats that have been trending in the charts. That’s what the new workout mix features. Get Set, Get Ready, Let’s Go with “Healing“/Colin Rouge followed up with “Youre My Heart”/Loving Arms. Just to throw some “Hey I know that one”, we threw in some favs like – Nickelback’s/”Animals and a real class favorite, Stayin Alive“/Bee Gees. This mix is PG-Rated

1. Healing – Colin Rouge
2. Detection – Glf
3. Out Of Me – Le Mar
4. Youre My Heart – Loving Arms
5. Animals – Nickelback
6. Turn Me On vs Umbrella – Oliver Heldens & Riton vs Rihanna
7. Tell Me Why vs I Cant Feel My Face – Outcry & James Hype vs The Weeknd
8. About You – Plaztik
9. Monster – Samuel Abello
10. Eyes On Dance – Thr3mind
11. Dance – Toni Braxton
12. Dont Trip – Aboywithabag
13. Na Na Na – Akon
14. My Head & My Heart – Ava Max
15. Stayin Alive – Bee Gees
16. The Faith – Plastic Robots, House Divided

Definition of choices below:

Separate Tracks Mp3: Each playlist song is its own track. Just like on
a CD.
Non Tracked Mp3 – This is a single file with the whole playlist. No
separate tracks.
Both Separated Tracks and Non Tracked, are in 32Count Phrasing and are gapless.


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