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Unleash Your Fitness Groove: Your One-Stop Shop for Killer Music

Ready to ignite your workouts with music that moves you? Look no further than Instructor Music! We’re your ultimate curator of top-notch fitness music, handpicked to fuel your energy and push you to new limits.

Forget generic beats and recycled playlists. Dive into our expansive library of original tracks from renowned artists, spanning every class type and music style imaginable. Whether you’re pumping iron with power-packed anthems, flowing through yoga with serene soundscapes, or grooving in Zumba with Latin fire, we’ve got the perfect beats to match your vibe.



Original Artists Playlists

Here’s why Instructor Music is your fitness music BFF:

Curated by Experts:

Our team of fitness enthusiasts and music maestros knows exactly what gets your body and soul moving.

Variety is Spice:

From high-energy EDM to soulful grooves, meditative melodies to electrifying rock, we cater to every taste and workout style.

Quality You Can Trust:

Forget repetitive loops and generic tunes. We bring you original music from top artists, crafted to inspire and energize.

We deliver today’s music, when other’s can’t.

Join our community of fitness fanatics and experience the transformative power of music that moves.

Instructor Music: Your Secret Weapon for Flawless Fitness Flows

Crafting the perfect fitness playlist can feel like a marathon itself. Enter Instructor Music – your expert partner in crafting seamless, gapless mixes that keep your clients moving and motivated.

Why choose Instructor Music?

  • Precision Curation: Forget awkward transitions and jarring stops. Our music DJ’s are obsessed with 32-count precision, ensuring your mixes flow like butter.
    • Original Flavor: Ditch the generic tunes. We offer fresh music from talented artists, keeping your classes feeling unique and exciting.
    • Pro-Level Polish: Our mixes are professionally edited and mastered, delivering pristine sound quality that elevates your sessions.

    Join the growing number of fitness professionals who trust Instructor Music to unleash the power of music in their classes. Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s create the mixes that take your training to the next level!

    Over 20 years experience producing 32Count Fitness Music

    Elevate Your Fitness with Our Fitness Music Playlists:

    Our secret sauce? It’s not just the music, it’s the people behind it. Buckle up, because our DJ’s are who curate your next cardio crush:

    Club Kings and Queens: We don’t just spin tunes, we dominate the scene. Our team hails from the hottest clubs in the USA, bringing their electrifying energy and expert touch to your playlists.

    Trendsetters, Not Followers: Keeping our fingers on the pulse is more than just a figure of speech. We hunt down the freshest beats before they hit the mainstream, whether it’s radio waves, club bangers, or the latest fitness craze.

    Genre Gurus: No musical craving is left unsatisfied. We offer a genre smorgasbord, from chart-topping Top 40 to bass-pumping Hip Hop, funky grooves, and EDM anthems. And let’s not forget the classics – those golden oldies that bring back the nostalgia and the moves!

    More than just DJs, we’re your fitness music partners. We understand the power of the right beat to take your workout to the next level. So, trust us to fuel your energy, inspire your clients, and keep them coming back for more.

    Empower Your Workouts with Instructor Music: The Ultimate Fitness Soundtrack Solution

    Ditch the generic beats and unlock a world of electrifying, seamless music mixes designed to push your training to the limit. Instructor Music, is your one-stop shop for professional fitness music that fuels your body and ignites your soul.

    Here’s why Instructor Music elevates your fitness experience:

    Curated with Top Artists: Forget recycled loops and uninspiring tunes. Dive into our extensive library of original tracks from renowned artists, covering every imaginable class type and music style. From high-energy EDM to soulful yoga melodies, we have the perfect sonic backdrop for your every move.

    Expertly Crafted Mixes: Our team of experienced DJs and fitness enthusiasts curate flawless, 32-count seamless mixes that guarantee smooth transitions and keep the energy surging throughout your session. Just pure, uninterrupted motivation.

    We offer meticulously curated playlists designed to match the tempo, drive, and energy of your specific workout style.

    Thousands of fitness instructors worldwide rely on Instructor Music to elevate their classes and captivate their clients.

    Ready to unleash the power of music in your workouts? Explore our library today and discover fresh, chart-topping tracks delivered faster than the competition.

    I absolutely adore your mixes! Kickbox classes go wild whenever I play one of your playlists. The tracks are always so fresh and energetic, and they perfectly match the mood and intensity of the workout.

    Serra Green

    You guys are truly masters at what you do, and I’m so grateful to have discovered Instructor Music. Keep up the amazing work!

    Emily Garcia

    My participants constantly rave about how much they love the music, and it definitely helps me keep them motivated and engaged throughout the entire class.

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    Tired of Downloading your mixes?: Discover 32Count Fitness

    Ignite Your Fitness Classes with Seamless Music at 32CountFitness.com

    Unleash the power of music in your fitness sessions with 32Count Fitness, the streaming platform designed specifically for instructors like you.

    What sets us apart?

    • Effortless Flow: Experience the industry’s only true gapless player, ensuring smooth transitions and uninterrupted energy throughout your workouts. No more awkward pauses or jarring breaks to disrupt the rhythm.

    • Precision at Your Fingertips: Dynamically adjust the beats per minute (BPM) and pitch on the fly, fine-tuning your music to perfectly match the intensity and flow of your class in real-time.

    • Quality You Can Trust: Immerse your clients in the authentic energy of original artist music, with over 750+ expertly curated mixes spanning every fitness format imaginable. Say goodbye to repetitive covers and hello to genuine musical inspiration.

    • Unparalleled Flexibility: Access and stream any mix in our extensive library instantly from any device, giving you complete control over your soundtrack.

    • Seamless Control: Take full command of your music with granular control – you can start, stop, pause, or jump to any specific track within a mix with ease.

    32Count Fitness is more than just music, it’s your partner in creating unforgettable fitness experiences. Join us and:

    • Captivate your clients with music that fuels their motivation and pushes them to achieve their goals.

    • Stand out from the crowd with expertly curated mixes and cutting-edge features not found on other platforms.

    • Gain control and flexibility to tailor your music perfectly to each class and your unique teaching style.

    Ready to revolutionize your fitness sessions? Explore 32Count Fitness today and discover the power of music that moves.

    P.S. We’re confident you’ll love our service. Sign up for a free trial and experience the 32Count difference for yourself!

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