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Rebecca wanted a blooming spring mix of her signature bouncy Chicago House jams with some current Top 40 and R&B hits. We happily obliged and present the new workout mix called “Bring the Heat” by Rebecca. Highlights include “Made For Me”/Muni Long, “Yes, And?”/Ariana Grande and “Happier”/Blessed Madonna f. Clementine Douglas.

Dubby and minimalistic is the Chicago House sound! We have Rebecca’s faves like a double shot of Matt Gillespie “Believer”/“When I Was Young” as well as “Needle On the Record”/Riordon and “Deep Love”/Ash Lauryn & Stefan Ringer. This mix is R-Rated.

  1. Whoopty – CJ
  2. Stay High – Diplo & Hugel f. Julia Church
  3. Happier – The Blessed Madonna f. Clementine Douglas
  4. Asking – Sonny Fodera & MK f. Clementine Douglas
  5. Toca’s Miracle – Fragma
  6. Yes, And? – Ariana Grande
  7. All Night Long – Kungs, David Guetta & Izzy Bizu
  8. Deep Love – Ash Lauryn, Stefan Ringer
  9. Believer – Matt Gillespie
  10. Made For Me – Muni Long
  11. When I Was Young – Matt Gillespie
  12. Chasing Highs – ALMA
  13. A Vibe Thing – DJ Merci
  14. Needle On the Record – Riordon
  15. Every Little Time – Matt Guy
  16. Something Stronger – Rules x Coldabank x SHYA
  17. Rumors – Timex Social Club
  18. Out of Control – Roog
  19. Closer – Sonny Fodera & Just Kiddin f. Lilly Ahlberg

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