80s Breakdance Freestyle Party


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80s Breakdance Freestyle Party

All those Latin Freestyle and Electro Funk tracks from the 80s are in one fabulous new workout mix! Highlights include “Jam On It”/Newcleus, “Give Me Tonight”/Shannon and “Come Go With Me”/Expose’.

Stevie B! Egyptian Lover! Afrika Bambataa! They’re all here ready for your classes to be poppin’ & lockin’! This mix is G-Rated.

1. Can You Feel The Beat – Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
2. Planet Rock – Afrika Bambataa
3. Egypt Egypt – Egyptian Lover
4. Give Me Tonight – Shannon
5. I Want You – Shana
6. Jam On It – Newcleus
7. When I Hear Music – Debbie Deb
8. Change On Me – Cynthia
9. Say It’s Gonna Rain – Will To Power
10. What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) – Information Society
11. Come Go With Me – Expose’
12. Fascinated – Company B
13. I Wanna Be The One – Stevie B
14. Summertime Summertime – Nocera
15. It’s Automatic – Freestyle
16. Bad Of the Heart – George Lamond
17. Full Circle – Company B
18. Funky Little Beat – Connie
19. Show Me – The Cover Girls

Definition of choices below:

Separate Tracks Mp3: Each playlist song is its own track. Just like on a CD.
Non Tracked Mp3 – This is a single file with the whole playlist. No separate tracks.
Both Separated Tracks and Non Tracked, are in 32Count Phrasing and are gapless/Seamless.



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