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Blog 10

11 Fitness Trends for 2022

The end of each calendar year gives us the opportunity for a fun thought-experiment: predicting what the future of fitness holds and making educated guesses

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Blog 14

Barre Workouts

What it used to be: Lotte Berk Method. Originally developed by the once famous European dancer Lotte Berk in the late ’40s, the Lotte Berk Method is a

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Blog 15


What it used to be: Jazzercise. Most traditional dance classes, with their stop-and-start choreography and necessary skill mastery, are just too complicated for the average exerciser

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Blog 8

Dance Cardio

What it used to be: Hi/Lo Aerobics. A popular workout in the 70s that really hits its stride as a favorite 80s workout, hi/lo (which stands

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Blog 17

Stretching is important!

Stretching is one of the best ways to keep your muscles healthy. Stretching regularly will help maintain your muscle strength and increase your flexibility. The

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Blog 19

Best Rock Workout Songs

Rock on with your spandex on with these old school and new school rock workout songs. These timeless exercise options, including 80s workouts and 90s

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