Tabata Pitbull Globalization


Tabata Pitbull Globalization

Tabata Pitbull Globalization

The new exercise music mix is Tabata formatted – 136 – 156 bpm

We have taken the hard-hitting sound of Pitbull’s Globalization for our new TABATA workout. You will also notice a few of his friends.

Pitbull’s recent crossover jam called “Cafe Con Leche”. Is a crowd favorite. sounds as if it was made for fitness classes! We also have Get Ready/Pitbull f. Blake Shelton, Alone/Kim Petras & Nicki Minaj, Favorite Kind of High/Kelly Clarkson and I Like It /Enrique Iglesias f. Pitbull. This mix is PG-Rated.

This Tabata mix is designed to follow exact TABATA timing. Each Tabata set is 4 Minutes in length, giving you a full 8 cycles. The precise audio cues will guide you when to prepare, work, and break. , 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, each followed by a 1 minute recovery – providing a perfectly well-balanced workout. Your students will love the mix of high-energy music followed by relaxation, and YOU’LL love providing the polished, professional, hands-on class that they deserve!

1. Get Ready – Pitbull f. Blake Shelton- 130
2. Miracle – Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding – 136
3. Alone – Kim Petras & Nicki Minaj – 136
4. Cafe Con Leche – Pitbull- 140
5. Favorite Kind of High – Kelly Clarkson- 140
6. Mourning – Post Malone – 144
7. Right Or Wrong (Hypnosis) – Pitbull- 144
8. I Like It – Enrique Iglesias f. Pitbull – 156
9. Say It Right – Nelly Furtado – 156
10. Self Control – Klubbheads – 126

Definition of choices below:

Separate Tracks Mp3: Each playlist song is its own track. Just like on
a CD.
Non Tracked Mp3 – This is a single file with the whole playlist. No
separate tracks.
Both Separated Tracks and Non Tracked, are in 32Count Phrasing and are gapless.


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