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Big Energy

Newcomer Latto has made quite a splash with her across-the-board smash called “Big Energy”. We built the latest workout mix around this great track! Other highlights include “Sweetest Pie V. My Boo” (MASH)/Megan Thee Stallion & Dua V. Ghost Town DJs, “Hey Mama”/Guetta & Nicki and “Taki Taki”/DJ Snake.

There’s also plenty of retro flavor that runs the gamut from 70s to late 90s! “Dazz”/Brick, “Control”/Janet Jackson, and “Touch It”/Monifah are only a taste of the pumping rhythmic jams on this must-have spring bloom! This mix is PG-Rated.

1. Samir’s Theme – Debonair Samir
2. Dazz – Brick
3. Don’t You Want Me – Human League
4. Say It’s Gonna Rain – Will To Power
5. Big Energy – Latto
6. Hey Mama – David Guetta f. Nicki Minaj
7. Taki Taki – DJ Snake
8. Bump Bump Bump – Vice
9. Rapper’s Delight – The Sugarhill Gang
10. Move Ya Body – Ku De Ta
11. Sweetest Pie V. My Boo (MASH) – Megan Thee Stallion & Dua Lipa V. Ghost Town DJs
12. Fascinated – Company B
13. Toosie Jean Slide (MASH) – Drake V. Michael Jackson
14. Acapulco – Jason Derulo
15. Attention – Omah Lay & Justin Bieber
16. Trompeta – Willy William
17. Control – Janet Jackson
18. Drag Me Out – Kah-Lo
19. Insomnia – Faithless
20. Touch It – Monifah

Definition of choices below:

Separate Tracks Mp3: Each playlist song is its own track. Just like on
a CD.
Non Tracked Mp3 – This is a single file with the whole playlist. No
separate tracks.
Both Separated Tracks and Non Tracked, are in 32Count Phrasing and are gapless.


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