After 7 months of letting everyone know, as of August 1st, 2020, CD’s have gone away. They were fun while they lasted, but is time to put them away, just like cassette tapes from years past.

We have gone to all download’s going forward. Below is a link to practice downloading, for those who would like to practice.

Still using CD’s? Changes are coming.

We will stop producing CD’s on July, 31, 2020 – and go to Downloads only.

We have a FREE downloadable mix that you can practice how to download. The download is not meant to teach any classes, only to practice and learn how to download using your Cell, Tablet, or Computer. Be sure to check out our Help section for tutorials on best practices of downloading. The link to that Practice Download is Here

We realize that this may be a shock to you, and will change how you get your music. For that we apologize.

The time has come for CD’s to be discontinued. Over the years how we listen to our music has changed, from Cassette tapes (remember those?), as CD’s came into the picture, and how streaming and downloading have become the norm to listen to your music from your smart device or computer.

As your know, we have had downloads for many years now. We don’t expect that to go away any time soon. As Instructor Music continues to be the leader in producing 32 Count exersize music, and being the front runner in Fitness Music, we have created, which is a streaming platform. Amazingly enough, it has all the mixes that Instructor Music has.

We Thank you for your continued support.

Your team at Instructor Music