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    • 2016 Tribute Mix

      As we look forward to 2017, we stop and remember all the musical icons we tragically lost this year. The new workout mix is a tribute to them all! George Michael left us way too soon but we remember his 80s hit “Everything She Wants”.

      As the front man for Earth Wind & Fire, Maurice White penned and sang such classics as “Let’s Groove” and “Sing a Song”. The flamboyant Peter Burns from Dead Or Alive, Spun Us Round, while the Purple one told us to party like 1999!

      All of the hits from those and more are in the mix. Finally, as a toast to Leia, we felt it fitting to end with trip to a galaxy far far away. This mix is PG-Rated.


      1. Everything She Wants
      2. You Spin Me ‘Round (Like a Record)
      3. September
      4. Boogie Nights
      5. Let’s Dance
      6. Brand New Lover
      7. When Doves Cry
      8. The Groove Line
      9. Let’s Groove
      10. Jump Start
      11. 1999
      12. China Girl
      13. You Belong To the City
      14. Nasty Girl
      15. Sing a Song
      16. Pink Cadillac
      17. Theme From “Star Wars”

    • Fresh by Joyce

      Joyce had quite a lot of songs in her custom aerobics mix list! We welcome long request lists because it gives us a larger pool of tracks to work from. We might even have enough from Joyce’s list to offer a 2nd custom aerobics mix list for her after the new year! She wanted a mix that showcased the funk of the 80s. We take you to “Miami” and breeze through other classic jams like “Take Your Time (Do It Right)”, “Rock Steady” and “Fantastic Voyage”. This mix is PG-Rated.


      1. Miami
      2. Where Is the Love
      3. Can’t Stop the Feeling
      4. Crazy
      5. Step In the Name Of Love
      6. 24-K Magic
      7. Just Got Paid
      8. Take Your Time (Do It Right)
      9. Fantastic Voyage
      10. Early In the Morning
      11. What Do You Mean
      12. Fine China
      13. Rock Steady
      14. We Don’t Talk Anymore
      15. Fresh
      16. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy

    • Yoga by Caite

      Caite wanted a yoga mix that had some current faves along with classic aerobic fare from the 70s and 80s. You can Keep on Jumpin while having Cake By the Ocean. Then you can stretch to a Careless Whisper on the Wings of Sound. This mix is G-Rated.


      1. WARM UP: Cake by the Ocean (125) – DNCE
      2. This Is What You Came For (128) – Calvin Harris & Rihanna
      3. Don’t You Want My Love (133) – Debbie Jacobs
      4. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (133) – Sylvester
      5. Keep On Jumpin’ (133) – Musique
      6. Love On My Mind (130) – Amanda
      7. Lovin’ Is Really My Game (140) – Brainstorm
      8. COOL DOWN: Can’t Stop the Feeling (120) – JT
      9. YOGA STRETCH: Ready Or Not – After 7
      10. Careless Whisper – George Michael
      11. MEDITATION: Evoking Wonder – Bernward Koch
      12. Serenity – Roger Shah
      13. Wings Of Sound – Peter Kater

    • Are You Ready EDM

      It’s been a minute since we’ve offered a really bangin’ EDM workout mix! But the wait is over. Now you got It’s time to put some bass in your face. The best Melbourne Bounce and full-on EDM club tracks are all right here. Highlights include “Everybody’s Free”, “There It Is”, “Sax” and “Booty Bounce”. This mix is  PG-Rated.


      1. Smash Disco
      2. Tik Tok
      3. There It Is
      4. Booty Bounce
      5. All the Boys In the Club
      6. Only Girl w/Insomnia (MASH)
      7. Hey Mister
      8. She Blows (the Whistle Song)
      9. Renegade
      10. Everybody’s Free
      11. Go Down Low
      12. Sax
      13. Satisfied
      14. Are You Ready
      15. B-Boy Rock
      16. U Got 2 Know
      17. Blazin’
      18. Crazy Train
      19. Clap Your Hands

    • Wonderful by Rebecca

      Rebecca made us another list for her latest custom workout  mix. We were even able to include a track or two that we couldn’t fit last time. She likes her tech and deep house vibe so we kicked things off with “Wonderful” and then served up the new Kungs track “Feel So Bad”. There’s also some mainstream pop tracks and a old school jam sprinkled throughout the mix. Other highlights include “Hand Clap”, “Hideaway” and “No Money”. The mix is PG-Rated.


      1. Wonderful
      2. I Feel So Bad
      3. Trumpets
      4. Read All About It
      5. Alive
      6. What They Say
      7. Closer
      8. Hand Clap
      9. Team
      10. Damn Baby
      11. Fantasy
      12. Cold Water
      13. Heartbeat
      14. Hideaway
      15. No Money
      16. Don’t Go
      17. 24 K Magic
      18. One Dance
      19. Higher

    •  The Worlds On Fire by Tina

      Tina was ready for a new custom workout mix that’s blazing with current radio heat as well as a nod back to the 80s! Her list started out with “Don’t Wanna Know” by M5 and went seamlessly into Kenny and P1nk’s new “Sett1ng the World On F1re” duet. Other highlights include a double dose of The We*knd and an 80s new jack swing classic “If It Isn’t Love” by New Edit1on. This mix is PG-Rated.


      1. Don’t Wanna Know
      2. Setting the World On Fire
      3. I Hate U, I Love U
      4. Greenlight
      5. Side To Side
      6. Starb0y
      7. Perfect Illusion
      8. This Is What You Came For
      9. Money Maker
      10. If It Isn’t Love
      11. Sax
      12. Alarm
      13. Love Me Now
      14. Crazy
      15. I Feel It C0ming
      16. Treasure Say My Name (MASHUP)
      17. Unsteady

    • Bianca’s 90s Mix

      Bianca wanted a custom mix containing the best hip-hop of the 90s and early 00s. We crafted a pure party workout mix that has all the sing along hits your classes know by heart. The Train leaves the station and kicks things off with all engines blazing! Other highlights include “Jump Around”, “Ice Ice Baby”, “Good Vibrations” and “Groove Is In the Heart”. This mix is PG-Rated.


      1. C’mon N Ride It (The Train)
      2. Rump Shaker
      3. 2 Legit 2 Quit
      4. Try Again
      5. Too Close
      6. Da Dip
      7. Jump
      8. Come Baby Come
      9. Got Your Money
      10. Feel So Good
      11. Jump Around
      12. Whoomp! There It Is
      13. Ice Ice Baby
      14. Mo Money Mo Problems
      15. Groove Is In the Heart
      16. Good Vibrations
      17. In Da Club

    • Black Beatles by Elizabeth


      We shoulda known Elizabeth likes her workout mixes down and dirty! We also had a hot new song getting a lot of requests! So we retooled some of her mixes that were closer to the original (dirty) versions. We proudly present, Elizabeth’s “Black Beatles” mix!

      This is the track that has inspired the online video craze known as the Mannequin Challenge. But there will be no standing on the walls once this mix starts to play! Other new hip hop jams include “JuJu”, “Bad Things” and “Not Nice”. A double shot of classic Fiddy and this baby smokes! This mix is R-Rated.


      1. Player
      2. Black Beatles
      3. All Eyez
      4. Closer
      5. Drop It Low
      6. Sucker For Pain
      7. In Da Club
      8. Candy Shop
      9. Bad Things
      10. Juju On That Beat
      11. Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See
      12. Not Nice
      13. Gold
      14. Bring ‘Em Out
      15. Just a Lil’ Thick
      16. Do It Again
      17. Baby Boy
      18. I’m Really Hot Vs. Work From Home
      19. Hey
      20. Buzzin
      21. Jump

    • Christmas 2016

      As Christmas gets closer, we offer our much-anticipated Christmas workout mix. It’s actually two workout mixes in one. Not only are there recognizable carols like Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman, but we’ve also included some of the best dance pop songs of 2016! This mix is G-Rated.


      1. Jingle Bell Rock
      2. Last Christmas
      3. Frosty The Snowman
      4. Don’t Wanna Know
      5. The Greatest
      6. Just Like Fire
      7. Jingle Bells
      8. So Emotional
      9. All I Want For Christmas Is You
      10. Love Yourself
      11. Winter Wonderland
      12. Perfect Illusion
      13. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause
      14. This Is What You Came For
      15. Sleigh Ride
      16. Me Too
      17. Wonderful Christmas Time
      18. Hide Away
      19. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
      20. Feliz Navidad

    • Into You by Francesco

      Francesco’s previous custom mixes featuring Bey and RiRI have been well received, so we think you’ll love this newest aerobic music mix. There’s plenty of radio and club hits to go around! Highlights include “Fade”, “Sorry” and “The Greatest” This mix is PG-Rated.


      1. This Girl
      2. Into You
      3. Needed Me V. The Middle (MASHUP)
      4. Scars To You Beautiful
      5. Burn It Up
      6. Just Fine
      7. Fade
      8. Star boy
      9. Cool Girl
      10. Girls Like
      11. No Limit
      12. Sorry ’
      13. F For You
      14. The Greatest
      15. Side To Side
      16. Cheap Thrills
      17. Where Have You Been

    • Tabata HandClap

      The new aerobic music mix is Tabata formatted and features mainstream Top-40 with a touch of dance club heat! “Unsteady”, “Shout Out To My Ex” and “This Is What You Came For” are just a few of the top tracks featured. This mix is G-Rated.

      The structure of these 4 minute mixes is 20 seconds of all out exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, with 3,2,1 Rest and 3,2,1 Work.
      There is a 10 second break between tracks.


      1. Warm Up: Unsteady – 136
      2. Drag Me Down – 156
      3. Hand Clap – 156
      4. Me Too – 160
      5. If It Ain’t Love – 160
      6. Trouble – 165
      7. This Is What You Came For – 165
      8. Shout Out To My Ex – 170
      9. Before He Cheats – 170
      10. Cool Down: We Don’t Talk Anymore – 125

    • Blow Your Mind by Sandra

      Sandra came with her list in hand for a slammin’ custom aerobics mix. Her requests ranged from the best Top 40 tracks along with some hip hop heat! The fitness mix blasts off from the get go with A G’s chart-topping “Side To Side”. The non-stop energy continues with “Bad Things”, “Scars To Your Beautiful” and the hot new hit called “Kids”. This mix is PG-Rated.

      1. Side To Side
      2. That’s My Girl
      3. Too Good
      4. Star Boy
      5. No Limit
      6. Controlla
      7. Love
      8. Bad Things
      9. What I Want
      10. Scars To Your Beautiful
      11. Kiss The Sky
      12. For Free
      13. Blow Your Mind
      14. Love Me Now
      15. The Greatest
      16. Kids
      17. Don’t Wanna Know