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  • Black Beatles by Elizabeth


    We shoulda known Elizabeth likes her workout mixes down and dirty! We also had a hot new song getting a lot of requests! So we retooled some of her mixes that were closer to the original (dirty) versions. We proudly present, Elizabeth’s “Black Beatles” mix!

    This is the track that has inspired the online video craze known as the Mannequin Challenge. But there will be no standing on the walls once this mix starts to play! Other new hip hop jams include “JuJu”, “Bad Things” and “Not Nice”. A double shot of classic Fiddy and this baby smokes! This mix is R-Rated.


    1. Player
    2. Black Beatles
    3. All Eyez
    4. Closer
    5. Drop It Low
    6. Sucker For Pain
    7. In Da Club
    8. Candy Shop
    9. Bad Things
    10. Juju On That Beat
    11. Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See
    12. Not Nice
    13. Gold
    14. Bring ‘Em Out
    15. Just a Lil’ Thick
    16. Do It Again
    17. Baby Boy
    18. I’m Really Hot Vs. Work From Home
    19. Hey
    20. Buzzin
    21. Jump

  • Christmas 2016

    As Christmas gets closer, we offer our much-anticipated Christmas workout mix. It’s actually two workout mixes in one. Not only are there recognizable carols like Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman, but we’ve also included some of the best dance pop songs of 2016! This mix is G-Rated.


    1. Jingle Bell Rock
    2. Last Christmas
    3. Frosty The Snowman
    4. Don’t Wanna Know
    5. The Greatest
    6. Just Like Fire
    7. Jingle Bells
    8. So Emotional
    9. All I Want For Christmas Is You
    10. Love Yourself
    11. Winter Wonderland
    12. Perfect Illusion
    13. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause
    14. This Is What You Came For
    15. Sleigh Ride
    16. Me Too
    17. Wonderful Christmas Time
    18. Hide Away
    19. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
    20. Feliz Navidad

  • Into You by Francesco

    Francesco’s previous custom mixes featuring Bey and RiRI have been well received, so we think you’ll love this newest aerobic music mix. There’s plenty of radio and club hits to go around! Highlights include “Fade”, “Sorry” and “The Greatest” This mix is PG-Rated.


    1. This Girl
    2. Into You
    3. Needed Me V. The Middle (MASHUP)
    4. Scars To You Beautiful
    5. Burn It Up
    6. Just Fine
    7. Fade
    8. Star boy
    9. Cool Girl
    10. Girls Like
    11. No Limit
    12. Sorry ’
    13. F For You
    14. The Greatest
    15. Side To Side
    16. Cheap Thrills
    17. Where Have You Been

  • Tabata HandClap

    The new aerobic music mix is Tabata formatted and features mainstream Top-40 with a touch of dance club heat! “Unsteady”, “Shout Out To My Ex” and “This Is What You Came For” are just a few of the top tracks featured. This mix is G-Rated.

    The structure of these 4 minute mixes is 20 seconds of all out exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, with 3,2,1 Rest and 3,2,1 Work.


    1. Warm Up: Unsteady – 136
    2. Drag Me Down – 156
    3. Hand Clap – 156
    4. Me Too – 160
    5. If It Ain’t Love – 160
    6. Trouble – 165
    7. This Is What You Came For – 165
    8. Shout Out To My Ex – 170
    9. Before He Cheats – 170
    10. Cool Down: We Don’t Talk Anymore – 125

  • Blow Your Mind by Sandra

    Sandra came with her list in hand for a slammin’ custom aerobics mix. Her requests ranged from the best Top 40 tracks along with some hip hop heat! The fitness mix blasts off from the get go with A G’s chart-topping “Side To Side”. The non-stop energy continues with “Bad Things”, “Scars To Your Beautiful” and the hot new hit called “Kids”. This mix is PG-Rated.

    1. Side To Side
    2. That’s My Girl
    3. Too Good
    4. Star Boy
    5. No Limit
    6. Controlla
    7. Love
    8. Bad Things
    9. What I Want
    10. Scars To Your Beautiful
    11. Kiss The Sky
    12. For Free
    13. Blow Your Mind
    14. Love Me Now
    15. The Greatest
    16. Kids
    17. Don’t Wanna Know

  • Circus-Vs-Sexyback

    Our newest workout music has all the hits from both of these mega stars. From her debut single, “Baby One More Time”, to more current fare like “Circus” and “Hold It Against Me”, Br1tney is represented in fine form. Just1n is also featured in the mix with tracks “Rock Your Body”, “Sexyback” and “Señorita…just to name a few. The mix PG-Rated.


    1. Baby, One More Time
    2. Suit & Tie
    3. Hold It Against Me
    4. Work B****
    5. Rock Your Body
    6. Sexyback
    7. (You Drive Me) Crazy
    8. Outrageous
    9. Senorita
    10. My Prerogative
    11. Lovestoned
    12. Gimme More
    13. TKO
    14. 3
    15. Cry Me a River
    16. Circus
    17. Til The World Ends
    18. Like I Love Feedback

  • Drop It Low by Elizabeth

    One of our biggest fans, Elizabeth, asked us to produce another custom mix of the best hip-hop and crossover jams! Her list of new and old tunes ensure there’s something for all of your class to shake their moneymaker to! “Closer”, “Sucker For Pain”, “JuJu”, “Gold” and “Down On Me” are just a few of the tracks in this new mix. The mix is PG-Rated.


    1. Player
    2. All Eyez
    3. Closer
    4. In Da Club
    5. Sucker For Pain
    6. Down On Me
    7. Bad Things
    8. JuJu On That Beat
    9. Drop It Low
    10. Not Nice
    11. Gold
    12. Bring ‘Em Out
    13. Just a Lil’ Thick V. Badd (MASHUP)
    14. Do It Again
    15. Baby Boy V. What’s Love (MASHUP)
    16. I’m Really Hot V. Work From Home (MASHUP)
    17. Hey
    18. Buzzin’ V. Yeah! (MASHUP)
    19. Jump

  • Dont Stop the Music by Francesco

    Francesco liked the Bey0nce’ Barre custom mix so much, and he quickly wanted the same thing done with R1hanna’s greatest hits. This one has nice crossover appeal. One of her newer tracks “Kiss It Better”, starts things off with a bang! Other R1R1 favorites in the mix are “Umbrella”, “S.0.S.”, “Rude Boy” and “Don’t Stop the Music”. This mix is PG-Rated.

    1. Kiss It Better
    2. Umbrella
    3. Don’t Stop the Music
    4. Love On the Brain
    5. S.O.S.
    6. This Is What You Came For –
    7. Break It Off
    8. We Found Love
    9. Too Good
    10. Only Girl In the World
    11. Work
    12. Rude Boy
    13. S&M
    14. What’s My Name
    15. Take Care


  • Alexa’s Greatest

    Alexa’s custom list of tracks was so long that we had to produce 2 separate workout mixes for her! The new one has a few of the freshest songs that are all over the radio right now! S1a follows up her song of the summer with “The Greatest’. Then, the energy keeps flowing for your work out mix through the new one from “Don’t Wanna Know” as well as “Starving”. Other Alexa’s requests include “Kiss It Better” and “Best Song Ever”. This mix is PG-Rated.


    1. The Greatest
    2. Don’t Wanna Know
    3. My Way
    4. Starving
    5. Best Song Ever
    6. My House V. Disco Inferno
    7. All In My Head
    8. Closer
    9. Kiss It Better
    10. Messin’ Around
    11. The Sound
    12. Truffle Butter
    13. Hey Porsche
    14. Work From Home
    15. In My Head
    16. Bedrock
    17. Loyal


  • Alexa’s Booty Mix Rms

    Alexa’s first workout mix contained some bootyshake and twerk classics. But there were a few newer tracks that we wanted to include as well. So we re-worked and remastered the version released last month. Things jump off strong with “Not Nice”! Then, the dance craze that’s taking over the country, “JuJu On That Beat” keeps the energy level high! “Baby Got Back”, “Wop”, “My Humps Vs. Bad Mama Jama” and “Ms. New Booty” are all rhythmic party jams your classes know and will be shaking their money maker to! This mix is PG-Rated


    1. Not Nice
    2. Milkshake
    3. JuJu On That Beat
    4. Anaconda
    5. Anaconda Vs. Pon De Floor (MASH)
    6. Wop
    7. Smack That
    8. 679
    9. Bubble Butt
    10. My Humps Vs. Bad Mama Jama (MASH)
    11. Low
    12. Trampoline
    13. Salt Shaker
    14. All About That Bass
    15. Talk Dirty
    16. Who Booty
    17. Ms. New Booty
    18. Baby Got Back

  • Heathens V2

    With a slew of custom workout mixes in the bag, there was a lot of new music ripe for the picking! We dove head first into two of the biggest songs on Top 40 radio right now. “Unsteady” and “Heathens” are both alternative rock with a pure pop edge. Next up, is an 80s hit “You Spin Me Round”. Other current hits include “Starving”,Side To Side” and “Don’t Wanna Know”. This mix is PG-Rated.


    1. Unsteady
    2. Heathens
    3. You Spin Me ‘Round
    4. Scars To Your Beautiful
    5. Side To Side
    6. Starving
    7. Shout Out To My Ex
    8. Blow Your Mind
    9. Bad Things
    10. Hand Clap
    11. In the Name Of Love
    12. Don’t Wanna Know
    13. Closer
    14. Trust Nobody
    15. Gold
    16. Love On the Brain
    17. The Greatest

  • Beyonce Barre Mix by Francesco Rms

    Another Barre instructor wanted an artist-specific workout mix; this time it’s Beyonce’. All her favorite solo hits as well as her Desitny’s Child stuff are here on this one-of-a-kind mix! Things start off solid with “Single Ladies” and end with her energetic duet with Shakira called “Beautiful Liar”. This mix is PG-Rated.

    1. Crazy In Love
    2. Sweet Dreams
    3. Lose My Breath
    4. Love On Top
    5. Run the World (Girls)
    6. End Of Time
    7. Best Thing I Never Had
    8. Baby Boy
    9. Diva
    10. Formation
    11. Hymn For the Weekend
    12. 7/11
    13. Jumpin’ Jumpin’
    14. Naughty Girl
    15. Bootylicious
    16. Beautiful Liar


  • Nothin But Just1n by Barre Intensity V2

    We had a few Cardio Barre instructors recently request some artist-specific mixes. First up, is Barre Intensity’s Stephanie Justin T1mberlake workout mix. We took her list and jam packed a mix full of Justin T1mberlake’s solo hits as well as some of his best collaborations. Señorita kicks things off with pure funk goodness. Other massive, recognizable hits include “Sexyback”, “Rock Your Body” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. This mix is PG-Rated.

    1. Señorita
    2. Ayo Technology
    3. Can’t Stop the Feeling
    4. Cry Me a River
    5. Rock Your Body
    6. Mirrors
    7. Suit & Tie
    8. Sexyback
    9. My Love
    10. Take Back the Night
    11. TKO
    12. Like I Love Feedback (MASH)
    13. Lovestoned
    14. Summer Love
    15. Love, Sex Magic
    16. Dead And Gone

  • Interval by Dianna

    Dianna asked us to deliver a motivating and energetic workout mix for her intervals class. After a warm up, she needed a solid mix of 10 tracks at 132 bpm that focused on various body parts. In between each 5 minute track is a 1 minute transition/change up that lets the class know she’s moving onto another area of focus. The mix contains all the current Top 40 radio hits as well as some recurrent favorites. Artists include “Heathens”, “Into You” and a classic mash up “I Wanna Dance Vs. We Found Love”. This mix is PG-Rated.


    1. Sit Still Look Pretty (Warm Up 130 bpm)
    2. Transition/Change Up Track
    3. Hand Clap – (132 bpm)
    4. Transition/Change Up Track
    5. Heathens – (132 bpm)
    6. Transition/Change Up Track
    7. I Wanna Dance Vs. We Found Love – (132 bpm)
    8. Transition/Change Up Track
    9. Adventure Of a Lifetime – (132 bpm)
    10. Transition/Change Up Track
    11. Into You – (132 bpm)
    12. Transition/Change Up Track
    13. Can’t Stop the Feeling – (132 bpm)
    14. Transition/Change Up Track
    15. Cake By the Ocean – (132 bpm)
    16. Transition/Change Up Track
    17. Cheap Thrills – (132 bpm)
    18. Transition/Change Up Track
    19. Hands To Myself – (132 bpm)
    20. Transition/Change Up Track
    21. Lights – (Cool Down 126 bpm)


  • Run To You by JoAnn V2

    JoAnn really likes to rock! We’ve delivered a few retro rock workout mixes to her and she was ready for another! We took her new list back to the lab and created a classic rock MONSTER! “All Day and All of the Night” begin the JOURNEY through some of the best rock anthems from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Other notables include “Dancing In the Dark”, “Go Your Own Way”, and “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”. A double shot of Halen closes out a head banging, fist-pumping good time! The mix is PG-Rated.


    1. All Day and All of the Night
    2. Break On Through
    3. You Give Love a Bad Name
    4. Nothin’ But a Good Time
    5. The Final Countdown
    6. Go Your Own Way
    7. Run To You
    8. Dancing In the Dark
    9. Rebel Rebel
    10. Walk This Way
    11. Any Way You Want It
    12. Panama
    13. I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction)
    14. Photograph
    15. Jump

  • Halloween 2016

    It’s that time of the year when you get to dress up and be a kid again! We’ve assembled tried and true Halloween favorites along with some future classics as well. Things get off to a witchy start with the 80s classic “Somebody’s Watching Me”. Other must-have tracks include “Ghostbusters” and “Thriller”. Those wanting some more current fare will like hits from “Ghost Town” and “Black Magic” . We close the set out with the “Dark Lady” herself! The mix is PG-Rated.


    1. Somebody’s Watching Me
    2. Scream
    3. Evil Woman
    4. Dark Side
    5. She Wolf
    6. Ghostbusters
    7. Superstition
    8. Waiting For Tonight
    9. Twilight Zone
    10. Black Magic
    11. Thriller
    12. Beautiful Monster
    13. Spooky
    14. The Monster
    15. Omen
    16. Ghost Town
    17. Dark Lady

  • Fade by Elizabeth

    This mix is R-Rated.

    Elizabeth’s latest custom workout mix has plenty of back…And way too much booty! It kicks off strong with “Big Dipper” and jams right on through some of the best crossover hits from the 2000’s like “Cherish”, “Shake Ya Tailfeather” and “Rock Wit You”. But since Elizabeth also liked the new stuff, we hit her with the heat fresh from the oven! The hot new track “Fade” is racing up multiple formats and is among the most-wanted tracks. We also included a quick mash up of Gwen’sHollaback” with “That’s My Girl”. We didn’t hold anything back because we know Elizabeth likes her mixes down and dirty! This mix is R-Rated.

    1. Big Dipper
    2. Shake Ya Tailfeather
    3. Killa
    4. Lose My Breath
    5. Make It Clap
    6. Fade
    7. Star-boy
    8. Rock Wit You
    9. That’s My Hollaback Girl
    10. #1
    11. What a Night
    12. M.I.L.F. Money
    13. Key To the Streets
    14. Erbody But Me
    15. Look Back At It
    16. Booty Bounce
    17. She Knows
    18. Dang!


  • Rebecca’s Hot Mix V2

    Rebecca requested a HOT custom workout mix that had a nice blend of Top 40, R&B as well as a dash of Progressive Dance. We came to the table with all her favorites and delivered! Things start off strong with the new collaboration that’s zooming up the charts “Side to Side”. Other tried and true favorites from Justin T1mberlake, the Cha1nsmokers and Bey0nce’ bring the heat. Classic R&B is also represented in fine form with 90s mainstays like “Right Here (Human Nature)” and “Stutter”. The mix is PG-Rated.

    1.Side To Side
    2. Can’t Stop the Feeling
    3. Latch
    4. The Fix Vs. This Girl (MASHUP)
    5. This Girl
    6. Come With Me
    7. Closer
    8. Love Me Like You Do
    9. Too Good
    10. Best Thing I Never Had
    11. All In My Head (Flex)
    12. Make Me Feel Better
    13. Right Here (Human Nature)
    14. Vulnerable
    15. Superlove
    16. Stutter
    17. Love Calls
    18. I Hate U, I Love U


  • Breast Cancer Awareness 2016

    With each sale of this mix, now and the for the whole month of October, we are donating 15% of each sale to Cancer Research. Below is a mix that we have put together to empower you and your classes.


    To commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we offer an empowering and triumphant workout mix for strong survivors everywhere. Your classes will be motivated and full of positive energy after this fun workout. It begins strong with “Loved Me Back To Life”. Other soaring anthems include “Run the World (Girls)”, “Fighter” as well as the brand new track, “That’s My Girl”. Finally, it closes out the set with the aptly titled “Survivor”. This mix is G-Rated.


    1. Loved Me Back To Life
    2. Invincible
    3. More Than a Woman
    4. Run the World (Girls)
    5. Dangerous Woman
    6. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
    7. Living For Love
    8. That’s My Girl
    9. Fighter
    10. Don’t Stop Believing
    11. Break My Stride
    12. Bulletproof
    13. I Will Survive
    14. Just Like Fire
    15. I’m Every Woman
    16. Survivor