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Booty Funk

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  • Jumpman by Christa

    Christa likes the party hip-hop and bass classics. She also likes the twerk vibe heard in the club. We gave her a custom mix that she’ll be blasting in her class. Recurrent hip hop and rap staples include “Jumpman”, “Na Na” and “Love More”. Two hyped up Lil’ Jon cuts pump the energy level to 10! PG-Rated.

    1. Jumpman
    2. My House
    3. Oui
    4. Work
    5. K-Wang
    6. Bass Down Low
    7. We Run This – Missy
    8. Bend Ova
    9. Blow the Whistle
    10. Na Na
    11. Paranoid
    12. Up Down (Do This All Day)
    13. Lolli Lolli
    14. Love More
    15. Foreign
    16. Miami’s Rockin’
    17. Boom Boom

  • This Is How We Roll By Darcia

    Darcia has picked up a couple of our recent workout mixes. She really dug a few songs off each one. We took her list and ran with it! Funky and full of sing along hits from the 70s, 80s, 00s. And there’s even a few Pr1nce songs included! PG Rated.


    1. Controversy
    2. Wild Things
    3. Formation
    4. Work
    5. I Wish
    6. Raspberry Beret
    7. Don’t Stop (Til You Get Enough)
    8. This Is How We Roll
    9. Dazz Bands Make Her Dance
    10. Fireball
    11. I Would Die 4 U
    12. Living In America
    13. Candy Shop
    14. I Feel For You
    15. The Monster
    16. 679

  • DJ Earworm Summer 16

    DJ Earworm’s yearly megamixes have become quite popular since he produced the first one a few years back. It lights up our new workout mix as the first track and leads right into another most-wanted song of the summer, “The Sound” . Other current favorites include “Hymn For the Weekend”, “Just Like Fire” and “Dangerous Woman”. Rhythm crossover classics like “Jumpin’ Jumpin” and “Baby Boy”round out this awesome workout music mix! G-Rated


    1. DJ Earworm Summer ’16 Smash Megamix
    2. The Sound
    3. Hymn For the Weekend
    4. Dangerous Woman
    5. Me Too
    6. Just Like Fire
    7. Move
    8. Kill ‘Em With Kindness
    9. If It Ain’t Love
    10. Baby Boy
    11. Chandelier V. Hips Don’t Lie (MASH)
    12. All In My Head
    13. Jumpin’ Jumpin’
    14. Lush Life
    15. Too Good
    16. Bring Me To Life
    17. The Middle

  • All The Way Up by Elizabeth


    Elizabeth wanted another hip hop heater that should could bump All The Way UP! Summer is here and rap is ripe for the picking. She asked us to put together some of the hottest urban crossover jams that are happening right now. She also had some must-haves in her list; new and classic.

    We happily obliged; but remember, she likes her workout mixes uncut and Extra-RRated. “Panda”, “All the Way Up” and “Oui” are included. Flashbacks like “Money Ain’t a Thing”, “Candy Shop” and “Pull Over” are also featured.


    1. Pull Over
    2. Candy Shop
    3. Oui
    4. If It Ain’t Love
    5. One Dance
    6. Don’t Let Me Down
    7. Get Loose
    8. Panda
    9. Just A Lil’ Thick
    10. Truffle Butter
    11. Dope
    12. All The Way Up
    13. My P.Y.T.
    14. Put It On
    15. Money Ain’t a Thing
    16. Low Life
    17. IDFWU
    18. Hey Mama V. 679 (MASH)
    19. Lean Like a Cholo

  • Janice’s Mix Give Me Everything

    Janice liked the funk groove of the 70s and 80s, but she also wanted a dose of recurrent crossover hits. We came up with a ON THE RADIO styled workout mix that strikes the perfect balance! No overly synthesized versions, just smooth R&B funk! Core songs include Shake Your Body Down To The Ground, I Wish, Love Rollercoaster, I Can’t Go For That, and Everyday People Lose My Breath as well as Give Me Everything give the mix a bit of current flair. The mix is G-Rated.


    1. Shake Your Body Down To The Ground
    2. Ring My Bell
    3. Lose My Breath
    4. Street Life
    5. I Wish
    6. Fire
    7. Everyday People
    8. I Can’t Go For That
    9. Step In the Name Of Love
    10. Rock With You
    11. Give Me Everything
    12. Love Rollercoaster
    13. Living In America
    14. Just Got Paid
    15. It’s No Crime
    16. Raspberry Beret
    17. It’s Your World

  • Freek


    Check out the new jams! Plenty of rhythmic-urban heaters and a few Baltimore-styled tracks thrown in for good measure! This one kicks off with the new Pitbull track, FREEK and then cruises through a double dose of Baltimore club energy from Ying Yang Twins and BBD. Keep pumpin’ with the chart topper from Drake and Future called JUMPMAN as well as most-wanteds MY HOUSE and GET UGLY. Crossovers from Tinashe, PLAYER and Post Malone WHITE IVERSON round out a sweat-inducing set!

    1. Freek – Pitbull

    2. Get Home – JR Castro

    3. Poison Vs. Twerk Team – BBD

    4. Shake – Ying Yang Twins

    5. Work – Lil’ Jon

    6. Tuesday – I Love Makonnen

    7. White Iverson – Post Malone

    8. Jumpman – Drake & Future

    9. Ignition – R Kelly

    10. 2 On – Tinashe

    11. Get Ugly – Jason Derulo

    12. My House – Flo Rida

    13. Dessert – Dawin

    14. Zero – Chris Brown

    15. In The Night – The Weeknd

    16. Player – Tinashe

    17. Me Myself & I – G-Eazy f/Bebe Rexha

    18. Be Real – Kid Ink f/Dej Loaf

    19. Percolator – Kyder Vs. Cajmere