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Thank you for using Instructor Music for your Fitness classes. We strive to keep your classes full with our original artist mixes.

Fresh Hot off the press work out, exercise music, and aerobic music to fit all of your class needs. We maintain a library of the best and hottest music available. Always fresh and hot to keep your classes excited and ready to get their sweat on.


IMPORTANT! Use of Instructor Music’s professional editing services is limited to Professional Fitness Instructors, Fitness Facilities, and other Public Performance Venues. By entering you are verifying that these will be your uses. All funds received are for editing services, not for music reproduction. All rights for editing services are reserved and original artists retain all of their respective rights. For use only in fitness facilities and intended for Promotional Uses; the Fitness Facilities are responsible for normal appropriate performance licenses, as is always required for Radio Use in a public business. You must be a professional fitness instructor to use our services. All mixes are for promotional use only and are for use in fitness facilities that have SESAC/ASCAP/BMI public performance licenses. All Rights are reserved by the original artists, all duplication is prohibited, not for commercial display.
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    • Interval Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

      Interval Format


      After a warm up, There is a solid mix of 10 tracks at 132 bpm that focus on various body parts. In between each 5 minute track is a 1 minute transition/change up that lets the class know Your moving onto another area of focus.

      The new Interval workout mix is straight from the retro pool. It kicks off with All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow. Your classes will get a good (Jump Start) with Natalie Cole. As they continue threw this mix the Rhythm Is Gonna Get You. Other highlights include The Loco-Motion/Kylie Minogue, You Spin Me Around and Electric Avenue keep the energy level high. This mix is PG -Rated.

      Interval Format


      1. All I Wanna Do Warm Up 130 – Sheryl Crow
      2. Transition 1
      3. Get Out Of My Dreams 132 – Billy Ocean
      4. Transition 2
      5. Jump Start 132 – Natalie Cole
      6. Transition 3
      7. My Prerogative 132 – Bobby Brown
      8. Transition 4
      9. Rhythm Is Gonna Get You 132 – Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine
      10. Transition 5
      11. The Loco-Motion 132 – Kylie Minogue
      12. Transition 6
      13. Walk This Way 132 – Aerosmith
      14. Transition 7
      15. You Spin Me Around 132 – Dead Or Alive
      16. Transition 8
      17. Sweet Dreams 132 – Eurythmics
      18. Transition 9
      19. Open Your Heart 132 – Madonna
      20. Transition 10
      21. Electric Avenue Cool Down 126 – Eddy Grant