Custom Mixes

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As for custom mixes, we no longer do “custom” mixes, meaning, you order a custom mix and we bust it out for you. In that essence, no we don’t.

However, if you have a list of titles at least 17 titles long, preferably 20 titles long. We will take that list, and if the DJ’s think it will work, they will make it. Be warned, that it won’t happen right away, as they typically are working on new mixes already and will need to fit into their schedule. If they do make “your” CD Mix, we will release the mix when it is done to our whole customer base.  At that point, you are under no obligation to purchase the mix after it goes live on the sites, but you are more than welcome to.

As not all songs in your list will work, or we cannot find that particular song, we reserve the right to replace any song in your list, with a song of Instructor Music’s choice.